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African Women Entrepreneurs #1: Teta Isibo

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African Women Entrepreneurs #1: Teta Isibo


Teta Isibo, 34, had no education in design, fashion, or business when she founded her jewelry and accessories brand in Rwanda. Educated as an urban planner in the UK, she returned to her home country shortly after her studies.

Making jewelry and accessories was just a dear hobby and a “part-time side hustle”, as she says, until she took the leap and started focusing on locally made fashion in 2010. She did all her marketing herself on social media.

“As I didn’t have a background in business, I attended many different entrepreneurship programs that helped me learn how to run a business,” she told FemaleOneZero in an email from Rwanda.

Nevertheless, Teta Isibo was named one of the 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa 2017 with her Inzuki Designs.

Pieces produced by Inzuki combine traditional Rwandan and modern designs using local patterns, materials, and skills. Teta Isibo is currently seeking to enter international markets through distributors and an online shop.

I would like to grow my business into a global brand selling ‘Made in Rwanda’ across the world.

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