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Black Development: Two Brothers Opened Houston’s First Black-Owned Coffee Shop As Tribute To Late Brother

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Black Development: Two Brothers Opened Houston’s First Black-Owned Coffee Shop As Tribute To Late Brother

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe and particularly in America, Black businesses have been found to be the hardest hit. Also, COVID-19 has delayed the opening of many Black businesses, thereby affecting the economic power in the Black community.

Despite the intensity of COVID-19 in the United States and its consequences on the ability of people to continue with business operations and raising new businesses, two Houston brothers have defied all odds to open the city’s newest Black-owned coffee shop called Day 6 Coffee Company.

Day 6 Coffee Company, founded by Ricardo “RJ” and Ian Wilson, has a divine connotation, driving its foundation from the biblical word of God. According to Ricardo, it was founded on the Bible verse, Genesis 1:31, that God created coffee.

“On the sixth day, God gave us coffee and so much more,” he explained, according to Chron. “Although plants, trees, and animals were created on the third day, God actually ‘gave’ us those creations when he created us on the sixth day. And the sixth day is said to be when God finished his creations.”

Besides the divinity informing the naming of the coffee shop, the establishment of the company is in part a tribute to their late brother whose dream was to open a restaurant.

“One of my brother’s dreams was to open a restaurant. RJ and I and our family decided that we would fulfill his dream, firstly with me taking up the mantle as a chef and then ultimately using Day 6 Coffee Co as a stepping stone into making our mark in the food industry,” Ian said.

The coffee shop, located at 910 Prairie Street, also offers a range of flavors, including Texas latte, cheesecake latte and pumpkin latte. In addition, the menu includes items such as boudin kolache, brisket kolache, florentine quiche, cheesecakes and sandwiches.

Ricardo said he learned how to make coffee while he was studying in Barcelona. He was introduced to it by his house mother as she prepared coffee for the family on a daily basis.

“Waking up each morning to the smell of coffee with the combination of watching the sunrise was meditative and spiritual. We want everyone to have that same experience when drinking our coffee,” he said.

Although the coffee shop is less than two months old, it has become one of the most famous beverage shops in Houston. Its first day of operation was an instant hit and has since recorded a respectable stream of patronage.

“We want to be known for providing that type of energy,” Ricardo said. “A business and networking kind of environment. When we provide value to others, others provide value to us.”

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