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Black in Business: Meet The Black Woman Disrupting The Floral Industry Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Black in Business: Meet The Black Woman Disrupting The Floral Industry Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to stay indoors to combat the viral spread. While inside, people have been getting into different hobbies to promote self-care during anxious times. For one woman, her love of floral arrangements in her pastime led to a business opportunity.

Talia Boone is the founder of Postal Petals, a farm-direct delivery service that allows consumers to order flowers in bulk for DIY activities. What motivated Boone to start her business was when she wanted to make her own floral arrangements at home while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic and couldn’t find any options to buy flowers in bulk for her DIY projects since she wasn’t buying as a business.

“I recognized a hole in the marketplace and decided it was a business opportunity,” says Boone in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE via email.”There was no farm-to-table model for fresh flowers in the same way for fresh produce boxes. Like many industries, I also saw that the flower industry was realizing that they’d need to pivot in some way to survive while in this pandemic, especially in the wake of events and weddings (some of their biggest moneymakers) being halted due to lockdowns. This was an opportunity to engage with flower farms in a way they likely would not have been open to pre-pandemic.

Boone works with local farms across the country to source her fresh flowers who were open to the opportunity after the COVID-19 outbreak disrupt their industry. “The pandemic’s impact on the flower industry led to some farm’s openness to entertaining unconventional fulfillment and getting their flowers to consumers efficiently,” she says.

“I took about a week to brainstorm the framework that is now Postal Petals, circled back to him with a more refined concept, and just 3 months later, Postal Petals beta launched with nearly 20 domestic flower farms shipping for us. Interestingly enough, now that more farms are understanding the model, we’ve had others recently reach out to us about partnering. ”

Boone says the pandemic is what provided an opportunity for her business to blossom as a way to help people connect virtually to arrange flowers during the quarantine. “The flower industry is not easy to infiltrate, so the pandemic really opened the door for Postal Petals even to be able to exist,” she states.

“Because of the pandemic, the flower farms were a lot more receptive to this new business model and participating in our farm-to-table flower box model. Also, taking into account our virtual flower arranging experiences providing a way for people to gather virtually, Postal Petals is really fit for a time.”


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