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Black in Business: This Philadelphia-Based 11-Year-Old Started His Own Car-Detailing Business

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Black in Business: This Philadelphia-Based 11-Year-Old Started His Own Car-Detailing Business

Many young people across the country have dreams of becoming their own boss and creating their own business. One young Philadelphian has already started a business at the tender age of 11, running his own car detailing and cleaning service.

Jabre Dutton is the owner of Jabre’s Car Cleaning Service, servicing locals in his community. Dutton was able to start the business after earning $20 from cleaning a family friend’s car. With his mother Sabrina Dutton’s encouragement, he slowly began to build his business, creating flyers and handing them out to residents around the neighborhood to gain new clients. Now, Jabre says he has a steady business flow and enjoys hearing his customers rave reviews on his services.

“My favorite part about doing this job is getting my customers’ reactions out of it,” Dutton said in an interview with Germantown InfoHub. “When it’s done, when you look at it, they look so happy. I get really excited because they’re excited.” Dutton often shares their reactions and positive affirmations on his Instagram page.

Dutton’s mom says running a business has given him many valuable lessons, including how to be more financially responsible and the inner workings of running a successful operation. “So it’s kind of like slowly trying to get him into understanding money and responsibility,” she said. “So with every car, I tell them a percentage goes to savings, a percentage goes into his pockets, and another percentage goes to his supplies.”

Dutton went on to say he plans on use some of his savings to get an iPhone as he prepares for school. “I never had an iPhone and I’ve always wanted a phone.”

He continued: “But when my mom taught me about financial savings I was like, I should be really considerate about our money. So the money that I keep is going to be raised for that iPhone and the money in my savings before anything else.”

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