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Disastrous Downsides Of Wearing Skinny Jeans

Posted by Walter Gido on

The right clothes can make you feel better about yourself, even smarter, but the wrong clothes can in some cases make you feel pain and even make you sick. Tight clothing that pushes into the abdomen, everything from jeans to belts and compression undergarments, can be problematic.

1.Infertility in men

Men who wear skinny jeans are at risk of testicular torsion, or twisting of the testicles. This can be very harmful to the testicles and can lead to decreased sperm count or infertility.

2.Vulvodynia is a condition that causes chronic pain around the vulva, or outer walls of the vagina. Some studies report that wearing skinny jeans can be a risk factor for developing vulvodynia, vaginal thrush, or other vaginal infections in women.


Tight clothing around the waist can have adverse effects on digestion. High-waisted skinny jeans can be too tight around the stomach area. This can lead to heartburn or acidity due to the regurgitation of stomach acid to the food pipe.

4.Circulatory interruption

Skinny jeans and leggings can restrict blood flow to the legs and feet. This can lead to serious problems in the long term, particularly for people already suffering from other conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and nerve damage.

5.Lipoatrophia semicircularis

Lipoatrophia semicircularis, or ribbed thighs, is a skin condition that causes lesions, itching, and burning on the thighs. Lipoatrophia semicircularis may worsen due to wearing tight jeans or leggings and sitting in one place for too long.

6.Skin irritation is a common side effect of wearing tight clothing. It occurs due to chafing of the skin by fabric and lack of airflow to the skin. It may cause redness, itching, and skin infections.

7.Meralgia paraesthetica

Skinny pant syndrome, medically known as meralgia paraesthetica, is a form of nerve damage that occurs in the thighs. It is caused by wearing low-waisted skinny jeans that are very tight around the thighs. This can damage the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve in the outer thigh

8.Thrush is a common vaginal yeast infection in women. It can occur when proper hygiene is not maintained in your private parts or wearing tight pants for too long. Symptoms may include itching, irritation, and curdy white discharge from the vagina.

9.Intertrigo/tinea cruris

Fungal infections in the groin area such as tinea and intertrigo (rash between folds of skin) can be caused and aggravated by wearing tight jeans due to the excessive accumulation of sweat in this area and lack of proper air circulation.

10. Permanent muscle damage

A neurology journal recently published the case of a woman who suffered from severe muscle damage, or rhabdomyolysis, due to squatting in skinny jeans. This occurs due to decreased blood flow to the leg muscles while wearing tight pants.

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