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Editors note: Stop Sexualizing Black Girls | The Adultification of Black Girls **TW

Posted by Africa x5 on

Editors note: Stop Sexualizing Black Girls | The Adultification of Black Girls **TW


In Todays video we are talking about the Adultification of Black Girls & how to Stop the Sexualization of Black Girls I know this topic can be really heavy, so I've added a Trigger Waring because I do talk about sexual abuse. The Adultification of black girls was studied by Georgetown Law Center & Poverty and Inequality and found that black girls girls were seen as more adult-like than their white white counterparts. Now being a black girl, I have experienced this. Blacks girls start getting treated like they're older and are given more adult like responsibilities at a younger age than black boys and white boys and girls. This study also shows that because black girls are perceived older, they begin to get sexualized at extremely early ages. Black women have been made to feel ashamed of their bodies because our very bodies were seen as sexual objects. Why cant blacks girls be given the space to be that GIRLS ... CHILDREN ! We need to do the work to Stop Sexualizing Black Girls. All of this leads feeds into r*pe culture and victim blaming, especially towards black women. I will always shine a light on tough topics that affect our community as women, as black women and also as a christian. Its important to talk about it to become aware and to bring this to an end. Let me know in the comments down below what you think about this topic or how adultification has affected you growing up.

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