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Ethiopia Instrumental In South Sudan Peace Agreement Implementation, Its Success

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Ethiopia Instrumental In South Sudan Peace Agreement Implementation, Its Success

Addis Ababa March 17/2023 /ENA/ Ethiopia has been instrumental in South Sudan peace agreement implementation and for its success, South Sudanese Ambassador James P. Morgan said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, South Sudan Ambassador James said the recent PM Abiy's visit to South Sudan was very much important.

“This kind of visit must continue because we want to work together in the region and strengthen our bilateral relations. It was very important and I think it was one of the best ways how our region can work together in general, the two sisterly countries, Ethiopia and South Sudan will continue to do that. The visit was very important,” he added.

South Sudan is also grateful to PM Abiy, as a neighboring country, the peace in South Sudan is the peace for the whole region, Ambasador James said.

The ambassador stated that the premier was warmly welcomed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and held discussion with president and First Vice President Riek Machar.

“It was good assurance for him as a neighboring country and also as Ethiopia had been instrumental in South Sudan peace agreement, peace implementation and for its success,” Ambassador James noted.

Moreover, the ambassador recalled that we are in the implementation of revitalized peace agreement which was signed in 2018.

He said “It is very important that Prime Minister Abiy has to go to Juba from time to time may be to see how many parties working together and also to further improve the relations; not only one party but also meeting other parties to encourage them to have the spirit of cooperation among themselves and to achieve final implementation of peace agreement which will end up by election by year 2025.”

The implementation of the peace agreement is a process, ambassador James said, adding in every stage people have to evaluate, how it has come up to this level and what is required to take it forward and encourage parties to make sure that the country needs to be put in the path of peace.

The Ambassador elaborated that the peace agreement is going on very well.

"We have reached a level where let me say 90 percent of the agreement has been implemented. We have unified a command of forces; we have also graduated a number of the integrated forces forming the National Army of South Sudan. I think the peace agreement is on the right path,” he added.

On the other hand, the ambassador indicated that the two countries are working to strengthen their relationship in multifaceted spheres.

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