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Feature News: Boxer Karim Mayfield Becomes Newest Cannabis Dispensary Owner

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Feature News: Boxer Karim Mayfield Becomes Newest Cannabis Dispensary Owner

Karim Mayfield ran into conflict with the law as a teenager when he was arrested for possessing cannabis. He was chained to an arrest record that made finding a job difficult for him. He, however, had a chance to visit a local gym where he fell in love with boxing.

He has since emerged as a celebrated boxer, winning the NABO Junior Welterweight title in 2011 and the 2006 Golden Gloves. Now, the boxer will own a cannabis dispensary in San Francisco. The move to own a dispensary was made possible through San Francisco’s Cannabis Equity Program, according to a press statement. 

SF’s Equity Program seeks to create prosperity and secure ownership in the cannabis industry for those hardest hit by the War on Drugs, which is poised to create billions of dollars of wealth over the next 30 years.


Owning a cannabis dispensary makes Karim part of professional athletes who incorporate cannabis into their training and wellness regimens. Also, Karim will use his boxing gym, SoulChamp, to provide the kind of youth mentorship that helped turn his own life around, the statement added. 

“The store is called Authentic 415 because I’m authentically 415, and being authentic means giving back to the city and the people who raised me. I’ll use my new position as CEO of a cannabis business to help people be safer by giving them a trusted place to purchase a product that’s finally being recognized for its benefits,” said Karim. “On a more personal level, I’ll also serve my community by continuing the fight for social and racial justice in memory of my brother.”

The new store, Authentic 415, is located at 165 Mississippi Street in San Francisco, in Potrero Hill, and will be opened for its first day of operation on January 23, 2021. Authentic 415 will carry a curated collection of cannabis products from cannabis brands including Elyon, Ball Family Farms, STIIIZY and more.

Marijuana is still a controversial drug even though many claim that it has helped them cope with various diseases and situations. For many years now, such people have been pushing for its legalization. And as more and more states, particularly in America, pass laws allowing the sale of marijuana in some form, entrepreneurs, including celebrities, are flocking into the industry to make some cash.

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