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Feature News: Chadwick Boseman’s Wife Has Been Named Administrator Of His Estate

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Feature News: Chadwick Boseman’s Wife Has Been Named Administrator Of His Estate

Chadwick Boseman’s widow Taylor Simone Ledward now has the authority to administer her late husband’s estate, PEOPLE reports. Ledward is currently the personal representative with limited authority of the late actor’s $938,500 estate, a court order obtained by the magazine says.

She will, by February 22, 2021, be required to file a $939,000 bond along with the final distribution of the estate, according to the court order. The documents also state that “the appraisal of the non-cash property in the inventory will be made by a Probate Referee,” ET reports.

Boseman’s wife filed a petition to be appointed administrator with limited authority last month. 43-year-old Boseman had tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Ledward before he died of colon cancer on August 28. The actor died “intestate” — he died without having a will.

Ledward’s filing came nearly two months after the actor died. Per California law, when one dies without a will, the spouse inherits all community property and must split the individual’s separate property with the deceased surviving parents, according to Hollywood Reporter.

At the moment, much of Boseman’s wealth is believed to be held in trusts. After starting his acting career on TV, he gained fame when he landed a leading role in the 2013 critically-acclaimed biographical film 42. Boseman played Major League baseball legend Jackie Robinson, winning several awards for his amazing performance.

In 2014, he also played James Brown in Get On Up and then starred in Marshall as Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice. Apart from Black Panther, he made millions starring in the above films, according to reports.

Ledward and Boseman were first spotted together in 2015 before getting engaged in October 2019. Ledward, a Japanese and Black, is a singer. She graduated with a degree in Music Industry Studies from California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 2014. She was the lead singer of the school’s jazz band and once auditioned to be on the X-Factor, according to reports.

After dating Boseman for four years, she is believed to have married the Marvel superhero in a private ceremony before his health deteriorated. With Boseman gaining fame due to his sterling performances in films, particularly, the Black Panther, the couple were pictured at various award ceremonies and red carpet events.


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