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Feature News: This Certified Public Accountant Has Helped Clients Save Over $8 Million In Taxes

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Feature News: This Certified Public Accountant Has Helped Clients Save Over $8 Million In Taxes

Few companies will pay taxes if they had their way. For companies with large holdings, filing their tax return is a major headache while others devise means to avoid paying taxes or reduce the amount of tax they pay by filing for bankruptcy or using other financial accounting tactics.

Small and medium scale businesses are often regarded as the backbone of any country’s economy. However, one of the challenges affecting the sustainability of small businesses is taxes. In many cases, SMEs overpay taxes while others do not understand how the system works.

Some tax experts turn to accuse small business owners of using amateur tax preparers, accountants and others who do not provide proper tax-related information for them. To help many businesses overcome this particular challenge, Michel Valbrun, the founder of The Valbrun Group, a black-owned accounting firm, is proving a legal and ethical way to reduce their tax burden.

The company provides services to individuals and businesses to help them in their tax preparation, accounting and tax planning. In 2019, it reportedly saved businesses more than $8 million in accumulated lifetime tax savings in a legal and ethical manner. 

Who is Michel Valbrun?

The certified accountant was born in Miami, Florida to two Haitian parents who migrated to the United States to live the “American Dream.” He became a graduate of the University of Florida with an Accounting degree and went on to become a certified CPA. 

He started his career at Ernst and Young serving Fortune 500 companies through advisory, audit, accounting, and tax. He later worked for other accounting firms. Valbrun has always loved business and entrepreneurship, something he inherited from his parents who owned their own tax practice in Miami, Florida.

Driven by the desire to help individuals achieve financial independence, he began organizing workshops and seminars on how to achieve financial freedom. He then scaled it up by opening his own accounting firm.

“My mission is to bring my experience, knowledge and expertise to clients in a valuable way,” he said. “I’ve teamed up with some of the greatest minds in the legal, financial planning and accounting fields to bring my clients advanced tax strategies and planning. My clients benefit from time-tested, advanced strategies that most accountants have never heard of.”

Some of Valbrun’s biggest role models include Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Daymond John, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Oprah Winfrey, and many more people, he told VoyageATL.

“My greatest supporter is my wife, Racquel. She has always supported me, even when we were friends and she continues to support me on this journey. My clients are amazing and continue to help me by providing referrals and testimonials. My mother and aunt played a significant role in my life and are true heroes for raising me and my sisters,” he added.


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