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Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Live Discussion with Dr Ermias Kebede

Posted by Africa x5 on

Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Live Discussion with Dr Ermias Kebede


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  • Keep the good job.I had views on the current crisis in Ethiopia as a former prisoner of conscience for 10years and a medical doctor.

    Jemal Gemta Mohamed on

  • Please make sure you get the story before you write wrong propaganda TPLF is Terrorist group hiding in Tigray Mekle Sponsoring all the killings & Atrocities all over the country

    Alex on

  • This is the most baised and unbalanced conversation. As a professional journalist, you should do your research and understand the situation before doing your audience a disservice by not providing the right content. You could have interviewed guests from both sides of the story and then make your own analysis or leave for the audience to make judgement. As you may know , a genocidal tyrant Dr AbiyAhmedAli is partnering with the #Eritrean dictator in his war against the people. No country has ever attacked its own people by partnering with a foreign power , Eritrea . Sad but the reality is The nobel peace winner is Destroying Ethiopia. Also Dr Ermias is unstable and was recently working for the government, ministry of finance to be spesfic and was kicked bc of his performance and inability to deliver. Just bc he likes Dr Aby does not mean that he understands the geopolitical climate of the country! Noone wins in war ! Pls donot add file to the fire …

    Lilly on

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