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Medicine in Ancient Africa

Posted by Walter Gido on

Medicine in Ancient Africa
Autopsies and caesarean operations were routinely and effectively carried out by surgeons in Ancient Uganda (Buganda kingdom), An ancient African Civilization.
Many treatments we use today were employed by several ancient peoples throughout Africa.Before the European invasion of Africa, medicine in what is now Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, to name just a few places, was more advanced than medicine in Europe.
Furthermore, Africans discovered ouabain, capsicum, physostigmine and reserpine.Some of these practices were the use of plants with salicylic acid for pain (as in aspirin), kaolin for diarrhea (as in Kaopectate), and extracts that were confirmed in the 20th century to kill Gram positive bacteria.Other plants used had anticancer properties, caused abortion and treated malaria — and these have been shown to be as effective as many modern-day Western treatments.
Africans performed vaccination, autopsy, limb traction and broken bone setting, bullet removal, brain surgery, skin grafting, filling of dental cavities, installation of false teeth, what is now known as Caesarean section, anesthesia and tissue cauterization before Europeans.African cultures preformed surgeries under antiseptic conditions universally when this concept was only emerging in Europe.Many medical operations and treatments were taught and performed by African slaves in America on their abductors or Slavers.
Some Africans who were taken to slavery in the America fought slavery by making use of herbs to poison and kill their slave masters.
Today we told that our herbs and medications were not effective, because they were not endorsed by foreigners. But beyond our back, they export our herbs to the labs to produce various drugs.

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