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Nigerian Born Tech Genius Who Built The World’s First Intelligent Gaming Robot

Posted by Walter Gido on

Nigerian Born Tech Genius Who Built The World’s First Intelligent Gaming Robot

All around the world, young innovators are pushing boundaries and reshaping the future and Nigerians are not left out, proudly waving the flag high in the diaspora. He’s constantly wearing his innovative hat and right now, this creative genius has got his lens on revolutionizing the future of robotics in Africa as well as introducing cheap, affordable technology which can compete on the global scale. British-Nigerian robotics engineer, Silas Adekunle was previously Co-founder and CEO of Reach Robotics, an augmented reality gaming company that creates robots for gaming and for STEM education, the startup is behind MekaMon a four-legged spider-like robot controlled with just a smartphone app, reputed as the world’s first gaming robot which landed on the Apple store.


Following the launch of MekaMon with Apple, the company generated millions in revenue and raised millions in venture capital. Although Reach Robotics, founded by Adekunle together with John Rees (COO) and Chris Beck (CTO), shut down in 2019 after a six year journey due to “inherent challenges in the consumer robotics sector”, he still got his mind busy and now turns his expertise to using MekaMon to develop the Robotics education ecosystem across Africa and cloud infrastructure for industrial automation in the UK. Adekunle Silas is Co founder and CEO of Awarri, an education project for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) which aims to enable the development and adaptation of advanced AI & Robotics technology in Africa as well as co-founder and CEO of (R.I) founded in January 2020.

His contributions and accomplishments in the world of tech hasn’t gone unnoticed, in November 2018, Adekunle was named to the Financial Times’ list of the ‘Top 100 minority ethnic leaders in technology’, same year, he was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2018

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