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S1 EP1 - Can Black People be racist? (RACE AND IDENTITY)

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S1 EP1 - Can Black People be racist? (RACE AND IDENTITY)
Speakers: Dareen Cudjoe-cole - Actor Producer and Writer @crusada1, Marcella – Social Worker, Author and Podcaster @MarcellaPens, Kevlar – Writer, Film Maker and Book seller @kevlar_tsc, Ellie –Project Director and Facilitator of Permaculture @Vegan.Food.Guru Filmed by: Weike @thinkweike / Mark @mrghostrain6 Edited by Leonardo Our first Podcast was recorded at the Sound Bank recording studio. This location in itself is revolutionary as the building used to be a Barclays bank. As we all know, the banking system as we know it was founded off the blood sweat and tears from people with African decent, so to stand in a building that has now been converted into a Black owned establishment that not only provides a safe and professional environment, but also provides a platform for creative expression for people within our community. It was very moving being given a tour by the founder of this establishment as well as the fact that this is a black woman making all of this possible. The facilities are amazing and we were all blown away with how far this lady has come and where she has yet to go with her business. Controversial subject of this podcast: race, racism, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, racial indoctrination, and structural and institutional racism as a systemic way of life.

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