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Slaves in Italy? | DW Documentary

Posted by Abeiku Ebo on

Slaves in Italy? | DW Documentary

Yvan Sagnet from Cameroon is battling modern slavery in Italy's agricultural sector. Yvan once worked as a low-wage farmhand. He represents the hundreds of thousands of seasonal farm workers from Africa and eastern Europe on Italy's fields. Without their labor, the country would have no tomato, orange or olive harvest. But the workers are exploited and often forced to live under inhumane conditions in ruins or shantytowns called ghettos and treated like animals. Now Yvan is fighting for the rights of seasonal farmworkers, taking criminal recruiters, or gangmasters, to court. This is an example of modern forms of slavery that black people still experience worldwide. In Yvan's words, "slavery does not require chains." What do you think?

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