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Some of the strongest and most prolific ancient African leaders were women. Those who were not born into royalty became rightful queens of powerful kingdoms by leading armies and winning several battles. Other brave women, who were not happy with the social structures and problems of their previous kingdoms, broke away to set up their own small settlement which later developed into larger and more successful kingdoms.
Be it the resistance to westernisation or local problems, these African queens and princesses were not afraid to voice out their opinions or join battles to defend their kingdoms. Much of what is seen in "Black Panther" is fictional, including the country where the movie is based. The real African story of the black panther is that an African queen whos was a saroniya, a title of African queen just the Kandake queens of the Kingdom of Kush. The French with their quest for African colonization invaded the territory of the saroniyas despite being warned by Muslim Arabs not to as they could not islamize and arabize them. As colonialism came together with both Christianity and Islam, the French said they had to see who is powerful between the god of Christianity and the African spirituality gods.
Unfortunately, the saroniya was defeated and in trying to display African spirituality is a boy as compared to Jesus, the French called the community to the village square so that they should witness the beheading of their queen. They stripped the African queen naked, chained her in preparation to behead her. But the saroniya had one simple request. She said, "if you really claim you are civilized than we Africans, before beheading me according to your law but it is in our law that we have to speak to our African ancestors for the last time before joining them and they allowed her to do so. Hours passed and eventually what came out was a BLACK PANTHER meaning she shape-shifted to a BLACK PANTHER.
Christianity teaches that shape-shifting is evil but the bottom line was, the French couldn't kill/behead her. The BLACK PANTHER passed through the cloud and eventually disappeared into a forest. The great testimony she left was it is not true that Africam spirituality is smaller than Christianity.

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