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The story of The Ethiopian Boy Bullied For His Beautiful Blue Eyes. Abush

Posted by Walter Gido on

The story of The Ethiopian Boy Bullied For His Beautiful Blue Eyes. Abush

Abush, an Ethiopian boy, has captured the attention of photographers and people worldwide due to his rare blue eyes. This unique feature is a result of a condition known as Waardenburg syndrome, which is a genetic mutation affecting the pigment in the development of eye color. It is a rare condition, affecting approximately 1 in 40,000 people. Abush's story has been shared across various platforms, highlighting not only his distinctive appearance but also the challenges he faces due to it. Abush was initially confused by the reactions to his eye color, with some people in his community calling him cursed and refusing to play with him.

This led to him leaving home and living on the streets, where he was involved in fights. However, the attention Abush received from photographers and the internet has also brought positive changes to his life. He was listed among the 88 people with the most beautiful eyes in the world, and he dreams of playing soccer professionally in the future. Despite the initial bullying, his unique appearance has made him an internet sensation, and he is now known for his adorable natural blue eyes. This story sheds light on the impact of rare genetic conditions and how they can lead to both challenges and opportunities. It also highlights the power of the internet and social media in raising awareness and support for individuals like Abush, who might otherwise remain unknown and marginalized.

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