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What the Greeks said about Egypt. They got everything from Egypt

Posted by Walter Gido on

What the Greeks said about Egypt. They got everything from Egypt

Herodotus said that the Greeks got everything from Egypt and Ethiopia such as religion, art, and knowledge and Greece was an Egyptian colony.

You see for a long time, historians have painted a picture of the world where Europeans first became civilized through the Ancient Greek civilization, and then set forth to explore and introduce civilization to the rest of the world, with Africa being the last continent to be explored by the Europeans. In fact it was the Africans who first built the earliest civilizations, and then after, the Ancient Europeans went to Africa to learn many things from the Africans.

You see, even starting with something as basic as the Greek alphabet, we see straight away that it was copied from the Africans in Egypt. Just see the picture below of the ancient Egyptian alphabets (which predates the Greek alphabets) depicted in hieroglyphics, demotic and hieratic styles, and see the similarities.

Unlike modern day European historians, the ancient European historians themselves never denied credit to Africans for training them. For example, Aristotle wrote that “Egypt was the cradle of mathematics," [source: Van Sertima].

You see, Western civilization is derived from the ancient Greeks, but in fact the ancient Greeks themselves recorded unabashedly again and again that classical Greek academics made trips to Africa (Egypt), to learn from the Africans.

Greek scholars Thales, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and others all went to Egypt in Africa, to learned at the Temple colleges of “Waset and Ipet Isut”. Here, the Greeks were accepted into a wide educational module that included both the esoteric and the practical (sciences).

Thales was the first to go to Egypt. In Egypt, he learnt the Egyptian Mystery System - the system that shaped the Egyptian comprehension of the world, which had been created over the past 4,500 years. After he returned to Europe, Thales bacome famous precisely foreseeing an eclipse of the Sun, and showing how to calculate the distance to any ship at sea. He urged many others wanting to in those days to go to Egypt to learn.

In Egypt (Africa), Hippocrates, the "father of medicine”, learned about the concept of ‘disease’ from previous researches of Imhotep, who 2,500 years earlier had established diagnostic medicine.

This Imhotep of Egypt, who was a (priest, astronomer and doctor)- is seen today in the medical profession as “the first doctor to emerge in the history of antiquity-by the English medical pioneer William Osler. In Egypt (Africa), Pythagoras, the “father of mathematics”, studied calculus and geometry from the Priests based on a millennia-old papyrus.

Greek early scholars were schooled in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians provided the knowledge base the Early Greek scholars needed to advance their knowledge. The Greeks were in fact obsessed with the ancient Egyptians. The Greeks worshipped Imhotep as the god of Medicine at one time in their history.

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