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EDITOR: Video Editing Task

Video Editing for instagram IGTV Task :

We need you to:

1. Download Video and its content we send you from youtube.
sent to you via email editor@africax5.tv - login - www.gmail.com
Username: editor@africax5.tv Password: Africax56789

2. Resize and Place video in attached IGTV Template (attached)
3. Make sure logo / company branding is as it presented in template design

4. Change TEXT and Image of Templates - Font used is BEBAS

5. Export and send EDITED video / Updated Templates with emailed video information to Social Media Manager: kwame.nzema@africax5.tv (EMAIL SUBJECT: ("name of editited video") IGTV "Monday Video" / or "Wed Video" / or "Friday Video"

6. We require 3 videos a week - We post Monday Wednesday Friday
So need these prepared and with our Social Media Manager before these days

Link Below to Blog Post Design (Also to be updated and emailed)

Link Below to Instagram Stories Design (Also to be updated and emailed)

Link Below to IGTV Design

Image Below is an example of each templates

Blog Template :

Below: Stories Template

Template IGTV Post (with video affixed)