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Guide to Play - The Ankh of Love!

The Perfect Couple / Group Board Game
The Ankh of Love™ is a Couple / Multiplayer energy pleasure game designed to unlock and activate your love cells!

This game is designed to keep you entertained / recharging your sexual energy at the same time. The best period to play is before intimacy. There are so many adult games you may come across out there - but none FOR US! Some sage, a little drink, your partner / or friends and you're ready to start. You move a playing piece around a board and land on squares which involve flirting, kissing, online purchases, fees for opting out of dares,  AND taking cards which requests various fun activities.

How to Play
Each player aims to go around the board becoming progressively more intimate and learning more about the sexual inclination of involved individual(s). Every time you pass “GO” you must take a sip or a shot of a preferred drink!

What you need to play:
Blindfold / Ice / Champagne or Liquor of your choice. Mobile Phone (with PayPal App or CashApp) or Cash Natural Cream, Fruits of your choice.

Before game starts: Declare a formal promise not to share anything that happens whilst playing The Ankh of Love™ Whatever happens on the board stays on the board!

Couple Play: Couple seal above agreement with a kiss!

Group Play: Individuals seal above agreement together with a shot of prefered drink!

Start by positioning your game piece on the “GO” square.
To decide who starts first, participants choses a number, roll the dice.
The closest to the throw goes first! Roll the dice. Move the number shown on the dice and carry out the action represented by the picture onthe square –
these actions are explained later. When you land on The Ankh of Love™ square pick up the The Ankh of Love™  card. The person who lands on the Ankh  square reads out and answers the question or carries out the action
under their gender heading.


Group Game Play:
Passion Deck – Hot, Steamy actions and scenarios to leave you wanting more.
X-Rated Deck – Special actions! HOT HOT HOT!  60 Min Playing Time

Couple Game Play:
Sensual Deck – Listen, laugh and learn as you reveal more about you and your partner.
Heated Deck – More touching, stroking and hot conversations entwined with
exciting sensual actions. 60 Min Playing Time