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SOCIAL MEDIA: Caption Writing Task "DID YOU KNOW"

"DID YOU KNOW" - Caption Task

Provide factual articles on Africa / Its History / Warriors / battles
against colonialism and the white invaders / Pro African Activists /
Informative Tribal Traditions

1. Write 2 Articles ( each 300 words) Posted Tuesday / Thursdays
Need completed and sent to Editor 2 days before, to Edit.

2. Provide relative image for each article provided
3. Provide a 52 word summary of each article (will be pasted on image)
Find below attached image of example

4. Email all to editor@africax5.tv
"Did you know article post" - is posted Tuesday / Thursday so needs to be emailed a couple of days before to allow editor to put together
When emailing have Subject Line as: "Did you Know" + Name of Article

5. Our audience is anti establishment, against racism, against colonialism, anti religion / Pro Spirituality / Pro African Ancestry / Traditions and for the unity and growth of Africans.

Please do have this in mind when researching and writing up articles on particular subjects ! You are writing for an audience that have high level of awareness and will research / Share traditional references to keep relevance where necessary.

Tone of voice: direct / factual / evaluative / informative / provocative / Pro Black

Who you are writing to:
Pan African Millenials / Pro Black and Supporters of Black Empowerment worldwide / Ages 25 -35

Below is an Example of The image / text affixed