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Social Media: Video Writing Task (INSTAGRAM POST)

Video Writing Task:

We require you to:

1. Watch and write a 100 word critical analysis caption on videos we share with you from youtube (all videos will be about africa / black people and our community issues.

2. 3 Captions for the 3 videos sent

3. Screenshot of video

4. Send captions / screenshot to editor@africax5.tv
This content is posted Monday / Wed / Friday so needs to be emailed a couple of days before to allow editor to put together.

When posting have Subject Line as: Name of Task + Name of Video

5. Example ( link to one of our posts - https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNzMOPBJ5lb/?utm_medium=copy_link )

Our audience is anti colonialism, anti establishment, against racism, / Pro Black /
Pan African and for the unity and growth of our people. Please do have
this in mind when dissecting / analysing and writing up articles on these
particular videos ! You are writing for an audience that are switched
on mentally. Some of these videos are about the mistreatments of darker
skinned people, if you can make historical references where necessary,
give your pro black opinion, get them thinking and always reach a
conclusion with a question, what are your thoughts?

Tone of voice: direct / factual / evaluative / informative / provocative / Pro Black