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We call for your Immediate Support!!!!

Greetings Online Family,

We have been experiencing some challenges, and need your support!

As you know we are an independent media company that showcases real perspectives concerning African People, Culture, History and Worldview.

We share with our audience content that always reveals the truth. The mainstream media is the enemy of true freedom of information to our Nation. We are a grassroots movement that works within the communities.

Our work over the 6 years weve been here have been a struggle, we are a self funded platform and have kept away from "black business initiatives" "corporate investments"  that may tie us into compromising our message by mainstream organisations.

We have been creating new ways to generate income but is still slow for us and we require support at the meantime to keep things running.

Our Founder and creative @thinkweike who handles / overseas the Platform had a heart failure in March this year and havnt been able to do much. He has been diagnosed with myopericarditis and is unable to work.
He is under treatment and is also seeking alternative remedy for his condition (if you can help or know someone that can please let us know)

With this we ask for your help so we can continue to present the content that you love. We want to thank you in advance for your support of our platform. Every little help is appreciated because it allows us to remain fully funded by you, our audience. In turn, enabling us to remain independent, and self reliance.

You can assist us by visiting: