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Black Development: This Illinois Career Advisor Pivoted To Business Consulting To The Tune Of $2.1 Million

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Black Development: This Illinois Career Advisor Pivoted To Business Consulting To The Tune Of $2.1 Million

Bianca S. Robinson was already a successful career consultant before she made the grand leap to digitize her business. Now, she’s a “business architect,” as she calls her service, teaching SMB owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs how to structure recurring sales pipelines using information products. In 2020, she helped her clients to earn a collective $2.1 million in revenues on digital channels alone.

Running Your Business Should Be Fun

Emotionally exhausted from years of grinding it out, consulting one client at a time, Robinson realized that she could both make more money and help more clients by pivoting to digital products.

Having digitally transformed her own business, she uses her experience to teach other SMBs how to digitally transform theirs for more revenue and work-life balance. Robinson is passionate about the ways that digital transformation can make service-based businesses more profitable and more fun to run.

 “Our mission here is to teach service providers how to fall back in love with their business, by getting their time, freedom back, but also making the money that they deserve based on a lifestyle that they want to have,” Robinson explains. “And so I’m really big about that because when we start these businesses, we have the vision in mind but we get so busy working in the business that we don’t work on it.”

Robinson’s company, Cayden Cay Consulting, does all the heavy lifting for clients. She helps them produce training courses, build landing pages, marketing and sales funnels for digital assets, run webinars, and more. That’s why she’s the “business architect.”

COVID-19 as a ‘Blessing in Disguise’

All this was long before COVID-19 hit, but Robinson didn’t sit idle when there were SMBs looking for help. She redoubled her efforts to help business owners diversify their revenue streams and make more money without dedicating their entire lives to work.


“Even though COVID has happened and business is different, we’re just now creating digital streams of income in our client’s business model, and so a lot of them have been able to make more money since we’ve created this stream,” she says.

Robinson doesn’t accept excuses, insisting that COVID-19 can be an opportunity for SMB owners to focus on digital transformation. “It’s time for you to get cute, put on a shirt, do this Zoom and give this presentation,” she says. “It’s time for you to build up your YouTube, it’s time for you to build up your IGTV and do your Facebook Lives and your Instagram Stories. It’s time for that, and so a lot of my clients, even though they were doing it, they had other things that wasn’t allowing them to be consistent with going live.”

You can see Robinson walks the walk. She’s only expanded operations during the pandemic, adding more training resources and more support staff. “We went from one employee to four employees in a matter of six months, and so I’ve really been putting the time, energy, and effort to handle the flux of clients that are going to come in, but also to have really good customer service.”

The Tools of the Trade

Robinson isn’t shy about giving credit to vcita for helping her build her business. That’s the tool she used to start accepting bookings on her website and add more services, and she says it gave her the confidence to keep moving forward. “Well, vcita had this thing where you could make your scheduling site into a website, and it just gave me the confidence to have the look and the feel of like I was a real corporation and I had real clients and I was making real money, and so it gave me that ability to be confident in my business.”

She’s quick to share the tools for her success, too. As a vcita reseller, Robinson uses the platform to set up all her clients’ email marketing sequences and contact management systems on their behalf. Because she’s thoroughly familiar with how all the systems work, it’s easy for her to help when clients are struggling with a task.

“They don’t really care how it works,” she says. “They just want to be able to use the system, and so for me to be able to go in there and to give them all of the functionalities that they need, and just to set it up for them, and then to show them actually how to do it, it’s been a game-changer for my business and my clients.”

Robinson’s final words of advice to SMB owners? The opportunity is out there if you’re strategic about it: “In a social media, digital age, you can get on your computer like this and reach all of these people, but you have to have the plan in place.”


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